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Yaomic - Yaoi Comics and Fiction BL GL ยาโอมิค การ์ตูนวาย นิยายวา

Frequently Asked Questions


About Yaomic

  • What is Yaomic?

    Yaomic is an online portal application, providing webcomics, fictions and other related contents, dedicated for Y lover


  • Which devices does the Yaomic application work on?

    Yaomic application can be used on iOS device (iPhone and iPad) and Mac computer running on M1-series CPU.

    And also Android device. (Version 7 and above)

    You can download Yaomic application from App Store or Google Play for free.


  • I cannot login with my social media account.

    You have to login to your social media account and authorize permission for Yaomic application.


  • How to reset my password?

    > Tap “Forgot your password?”
    > Type your email address, tap “Confirm” and then follow the instructions in the email we sent to you.

    You cannot reset social media password on Yaomic, please reset your password  directly on your preferred social media platform.


  • I didn’t received a password recovery email.

    In some cases, the recovery email may be moved to spam/junk folder. But if you still cannot find recovery email in spam/junk folder, please check your email setting and make sure that domain doesn’t been blocked from sending you email.


  • What are Coins?

    Coins are virtual currency using only in Yaomic application which can be used to redeem for contents or items such as character image.


  • How can I purchase Coins?

    You can purchase Coins directly in the Coins purchasing page by using store payment mechanism which you can find the menu in your user setting or the top right icon on the Character page.


  • Can I transfer Coins to other account?

    Coins purchased under one account cannot be transferred to other account even the other account has created by you.


  • Can I refund for my Coins purchases?

    Coins which already been purchased will considered final and there is no refund policy for purchased Coins.


  • What is the membership?

    Yaomic membership is the privilege program which allow you to access predefine contents such as unlimited titles of webcomics and fictions with download feature.


  • How to become member?

    You can subscribe to membership program by tapping on the “Member” button on the top right or tapping on locked title and choose the package you want.


  • Will my membership automatically renew?

    For opt-in membership program, your membership status will be renewed automatically.
    For free membership program which may be obtained from marketing campaign, your membership status will not automatic renew.


  • How to cancel my membership subscription auto renewal?

    For user who subscribed to membership program can cancel automatic renewal anytime before the end of subscription period and your membership status will be maintained until the end of subscription period.

    For iOS:
    > Go to Settings in your iOS device.
    > Tap your name.
    > Tap Subscriptions.
    > Tap Yaomic.
    > Tap Cancel Subscription. If you don’t see Cancel, the subscription is already canceled and won’t renew.

    For Android (Google Play):
    > Open the Google Play app .
    > At the top right, tap the profile icon.
    > Tap Payments & subscriptions  Subscriptions.
    > Select Yaomic.
    > Tap Cancel subscription.
    > Follow the instructions.


  • Can I get a refund on my membership subscription?

    There is no refund policy for the membership subscription but you can cancel your membership subscription anytime before the end of subscription period.

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